General Information

EcoListening is a powerful tool for mutual support between permaculture designers and social activists, and is based mainly in the discoveries of the Re-evaluation Counseling (RC) network, a worldwide movement that, since the 50's has been involved in action-learning about ways to self-help in order to free human intelligence.


EcoListening was specially created for permaculture designers and social activists, and consists on creating support groups to practice the models and tools to free intelligence (personal and collective intelligence) that we teach in the Module 1, People Care of the Integral Permaculture curriculum.

In a big part it's based on the RC Fundamentals course, although they are not courses officially approved for by that network, but directly approved for by the NodoEspiral of the Permaculture Academy.



The RC Network  is the main page of the Re-evaluation through Co-counseling Communities, where you can read some basic theory materials we've refered to during the courses:

On Facebook

We also have a private Facebook group for people who already practice EcoListening and where we invite people interested in enrolling are invited, so they can:

> stay in touch
> sending occasional news about how the courses are being organized
> asking and answering about EcoListening topics

If you want to be in this more focused group, send us an email at 
with the title "Very interested in doing the next EcoListening course"
and tell us something about you, any question you have about it, and ask we add you to the group

For Groups

EcoListening is a powerful tool to prevent and solve group conflicts, as they usually come from emotional blockages that make us stumble in our path, not really for rational dis-agreemebts, that can usually be solved simply by talking about them.

We particularly create these courses to support the very important groups of people that are acting to change the current unjust and unsustainable society.

It's ironic that what usually makes those groups, in spite of their great courage, are the oppressive patterns of the society we want to change.     But this is normal and predictable because nothing exists only in the outside or the inside of people: it's all connected.

Instead of giving up or getting tangled always more into the problem, as usually happens, EcoListening provides a great of tools we can use to go to another level, both individually and collectively, where problems can be solved in an elegant - and usually surprising - way.

If you have a group of people / work group / that are working together on a transition project, and you want to focus and support them with this tool, also tell us how we can help, sending us details about your group at the same email: