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The EcoListening Complete Fundamentals Course lasts 6 months, and there will be 2 per year, starting on March and September.
An anual Introduction Course will be offered in the Summer and lasts 3 months
+ other dates are offered to groups that want to learn this tool to support effectively all their members.

Introduction Course

Introduction to EcoListening

21 Jun'13 - 21 Sept'13

Once a year we offer an Introduction to EcoListening course that's part of the ExpandAMOs program but is a whole little course on its own and can be done separately.

In this 3 months-long course we learn hot to listen to each other in a more effective way and we go creating a constant and reliable support group to facilitate everything else in our lives, like accelerating our personal and professional development.

During this summer Study Circle we explore a very practical model that explains how and why the emotions get tangled with the human intelligence, when and how our intuition can fail, and how we can un-block the most important effective relationships in our lives, with simple but powerful tools.

An Introduction to the complete course of EcoListening fundamentals that can give us access to the international EcoListening network.

The Complete Autumn-Winter Course

Starts every year in September:

Module 1 - Sept-Oct
Module 2 - Nov-Dec
Module 3 - Jan-Feb 

The Complete Spring-Summer Course

Starts every year in March:

Module 1 - Mar-Apr
Module 2 - May-Jun
Module 3 - Jul-Aug


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