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What is EcoListening?

EcoListening is a tool for increasing our effectiveness & emotional intelligence. It provides a way to give each other mutual support so that we may face the main problems which any group, as well as the whole of society, has to face: irrationality, difficulties & conflicts of all types.

Direct link to this web is www.ecolistening.nodoespiral.net            or www.EcoEscucha.net > click ENGLISH tab above left

Why is EcoListening important?

We need to learn to listen well.

We are living in the middle of a great paradigm shift.

It is important that we examine the mental models we use to understand the world, and change them when they are no longer useful.

As one of the primary ethical principles of PermaCulture is 'People Care', and given that we know that the fundamental problem lies within our species, it is essential for any designer to understand people.

Why should I do this course?

Having a group of EcoListeners is one way to enjoy a very good support group: perhaps the most important design of your life!

But it is up to you, in the first place, to make the effort in shaping and creating it, and we are here to support you.

This course teaches you how to use a very multifunctional tool for permaculturists and social activists (both novices and the more experienced), so you can:

  1. better understand human beings: both yourself and the people around you
  2. have personal support always readily available in your life
  3. transform emotional energies
  4. progress more quickly in personal development
  5. observe radical, deep change – rather than just surface, skin-deep changes
  6. make better connections with the rest of us, deepening relationships
  7. understand the irrationality rooted in most designs
  8. design technologies that provide better group functioning
  9. ... and to recognise and interpret the matrix of oppressions (the Patrix code)! 

    Never before has it been so easy to have this essential information...

How will the course work?

The Complete Course is based on the Fundamentals Course of the world Co-Counseling Network: the ABCs of the big network of mutual support. Two are offered each year, six months each. 

You also have the option of doing the course by modules (3 modules, 2 months each: Modules A, B, and C.

The Introductory Course is offered whenever a group of people are interested in learning more.

Each course is 35% theory and 65% practice.

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EcoListening is not just hearing another person,
it's about a more mindful and effective way of listening.

 We're talking about listening and paying attention to what you're listening to.

It's about thinking about the person who is talking,
and thinking about what she's saying,
without interrupting to offer suggestions or making comments
and giving sincere attention.

If we flee anything in ourselves,
 it will only fester and multiply, 
encoding its outcast will 
throughout us.

Robert Augustus Masters

An EcoListening Introductory Course